EPC Project of Tail Gas Treatment in Changzhou Qihui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Project Type: RTO Waste Gas Treatment EPC Project

Shandong Qifa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lianxiao Fermentation Project

Project Type: Continuous digestion fermentation project

Avermectin Fermentation Project of Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.

Project Type: Continuous sterilization project

Phase II Extension Project of Zeolite Series Environmental Protection Material of China Energy Saving Wanrun Co., Ltd. Phase IV Project of Sewage Station

T-EPC Project for Wastewater Treatment

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specializes in integrated environmental solution and commits to near-zero emissions of pollutants in the industrial enterprises.

Morlans is a national high-tech enterprise with academician workstation. It includes environmental protection equipment division and the wastewater

treatment department, providing advanced waste gas, wastewater treatment unit technology and energy-saving and emission reduction

technology for hundreds of customers across the country. 


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Address: 24/F, Tower A, Tianshan Science and Technology Park, No. 310, Changjiang Avenue, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

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